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 Please contact us with any questions regarding our GORILLA TIPS product. 


                 finger protectors/guards for guitar

MATERIAL: 100%  Silicone Rubber

COLORS: Blue or Clear

THICKNESS at tip: 1.20 mm               perimeter: .30 mm

SIZES: Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large
LENGTH: 30 mm Large, 22 mm Xsmall

Quantity: 4 tips / pkg.

As illustrated in the image above, GORILLA TIPS fingertip protectors have been carefully engineered to provide "point specific" cushioning to the player's fingertip end where it experiences maximum string pressure and resulting pain.

GORILLA TIPS are absolutely unique (patent pending) in their configuration, having maximum thickness (1.20 mm) distributed at the pressure tip center, then diminishing in thickness to become a thin .3 mm at the shield perimeter. The resulting design, while offering cushioned insulation from string pain, still allows for great string "feel" and finger comfort.

GORILLA TIPS thin perimeter has excellent stretch characteristics which provide for a secure, 2nd skin-like fit and minimizes interference with adjacent finger movements.

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