Recently I was in New York city
 recording some new music, and started  getting terrible pains in one of my  fingertips.

 By chance I came across a Gorilla    Tips ad on Facebook I ordered them and  I was able to play much more  comfortably  They worked for my  situation and I'm sure they can be of  great help to a person just getting used  to steel strings! 

Listen to Aron CLICK HERE

      GORILLA TIPS fingertip protectors allow for painless play.
      With GORILLA TIPS, you can play or practice longer while 
      your fingers continue to toughen.

      Watch this great video of GORILLA TIPS in use.


Four Custom Sizes for Perfect Fit


     GORILLA TIPS patent pending design is engineered to have          thicker material at the tip   thicker  material distribution at 
     the tip, which diminishes to a thin, stretchable perimeter
     for great comfort, fit, and flexibility.


Each set of GORILLA TIPS comes in a clear jewel quality
       storage case.

A great "transitional tool" for beginners which still 
        gradual callus development.
        Works equally well for mandolin, uke, banjo, etc.

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